Kongu gounder

Epigraphs of 8th to 11th century Kongu gounder 'Bed-Beda', are they for the community. In the process of seeing Vishnu in Buddha, the people ultimately forgot Buddha and became complete Hindus. It is widely accepted that Bhils are of Telugu origin due to the fact bhil means villu and villu means bow used by archers.

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Join us today and let us help you. Why Arayars are vishnavites. After his death his brother succeeded him. Visiting pulicat lake will remain a beautiful memory for those who have the sense of enjoying the beauty of the nature.

Kongu Vellalar

We live in the same city and therefore it was easy to meet and get to know her. Even though the descendants of these original settlers of the town migrated out of the town, the surname remains unchanged.

It is opined that all the sub-groups previously formed a single unified community which broke into several factions over the ages. Vokkaligara Sangha has it head quarters in Bangalore and has many affiliated regional sanghas. This was mostly excavated during The Patwaris are equivalent to Karnams in Telugu Brahmin sect.

In the end, 19 of them were captured by the British and killed. Sakthivel Gounder Kamal Haasan - an orthopedic surgeon from Coimbatore who is also in Bangalore with his wife Palani Kovai Sarala and his son Anand - travelling with him in the same flight and even staying in the same hotel.

Tipu captured the fort and made it a part of his Gooty province. Understanding the meaning and origin of Kongu Vellalar Gounders Kongu refers to people who were originally from the Kongu Nadu region.

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After the first two weeks our RM contacted the member and discussed about the prospect Suresh and his family background. The Thotlakonda Buddhist complex lies about 15 km.

The Patwar system was first introduced during the short but eventful rule of Sher Shah Suri and the system was further enhanced by Emperor Akbar. Their descendants ruled over a vast and powerful kingdoe, extending from the west coast to the east, an empire that held sway for almost years.

Bukka and his brother were praised for their success in battle as well as the first rulers of the Vijayanagar Empire. For this reason Kongu gounder is used or claimed by many communities including Vettuvars, Vanniars, etc.

It declined by the 3rd century AD, owing to the rise of Hinduism and decline of maritime trade. This point is also well proved in the article on Kattabomman published in this website. Servai is one of the surnames of Muthurajas and land owning community in Tamilnadu.

The word Bedar is derived from telugu word Veta. The people relating to mudiraj in Orissa are known as kolis and in West Bengal they are known as ugra kshatriya and aghouri. No marriages take place within same totem though surnames may be different. Many surnames indicate the places to which their great grand fathers originally belonged.

He expanded the kingdom even further by conquering almost all of the South India. These places enjoyed days of glory till 3rd century AD. They were also directly connected to Buddha. The fisher people mostly belong to one community called the Arayas, they are culturally rich.

We all were convinced with this proposal and immediately met his family. Servai is also known as Agamudayar. On 3rd or 7th or 12th day they do 'mati lotne'. Fourth in succession from Rana Bhairave Gowda, founder of the dynasty of Avati Nadu Prabhus and great grandson of Jaya Gowda, who established separate dynasty, is the famous Yelahanka Nadu Prabhus, Kempe Gowda I who ruled for 46 years commencing his reign from The sea eroded the earth for 30 to 40 kms.

Kongu Vellala Gounder Matrimony site exclusively For Kongu Vellala Gounder Brides & michaelferrisjr.comer FREE. Kongu Vellalar Gounder community has one of the advanced social orders that have evolved over centuries.

The central pillar of this social order is the organisation of the members of the community into Kulam (குலம்) (aka Kullam, Kootam, Koottam, Gotram, Gothram, Gottiram or Clan).

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A verification email will be sent to your inbox. We will need it to send you contacts from members. Kongu-Region is self sufficient: It’s not that kongu vellalar community is very strict about doing inter-caste marriages but simply there’s no need of it.

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Kongu gounder
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Tamil castes- their History, current Status & Distribution